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Is it possible to increate Rate limit for API calls?

Hello Webflowers,

We have a website that uses Webflow CMS, But we will need to add a lot of items to our new collections.

We have these stored in an internal database but we’d like to push them to our webflow collection so users can browse these items.

We have a lot of items and we will quickly exceed the 60 requests / minute limit.

How do we increase api calls rate limit?


Depending on how high you are looking for the limits to be increased to, we may be able to increase it. What kind of a limit are you looking for?

If you have a large number of items, ideally the code to import them can handle rate limits and back-off as necessary to stay under the limits.

We’re building a hospital site where the staff is over 180 people. I’m throwing everything to Algolia but the limit is 100 so we’re missing staff in the search. Any examples of how to help with this?