Help! Need a custom Dropdown Menu

Hi to all. I’m trying to create a custom menu like this page but the dropdown cover the hamburger menu. The menu animation i know how to do but i think i need two menu bottons…

I’ve spent man hours in this, please help me :slight_smile:

What is your share link so we can see the project you are working on. Without seeing it. The easiest way to make a hamburger menu visible above everything is to change the Z-index try changing it to 100 for starters. That should layer it above anything you have on the page. image

if you need more help give your project share link and we can try to help further

Thx for your time. I starded to read a lot about and i got to waht you tell me. Now, i only have 2 problems. The first is that i would like only the video and the console to appear (play bottom, time bar, volume…) and not everything related to vimeo. And the second, is that when i close the modal, the video is still playing.

The first thing is probably settings in vimeo. I have an account with them and I can control from the vimeo page per video I have what things I want to be visible. Secondly that is an issue with the videos in modals and it will probably require some Javascript to make it work.

You might also want to try to use webflow interactions maybe turning the visibility to none on close That might do what you want. The share link you have isn’t working so i can’t see what you are doing.

Thanks a lot.

Now the link should work.

Okay so you are using the hide interaction with close button. Is the video still playing?
If so I think the only fix is javascript. This is something that might have been answered before in the forum I would do a search for it.

Ok! I’ll look it up. Now one last thing hehe… If you noticed that the hamburger button is 4 bottons because they are in .SVG format. How can i make them 2 and normally configure the hover effect? If you look at closing in the dropdown menu, the white/red Hamburger button only appears and is not animated.


I see you got it figured out with a lottie animation. I apologize for not getting back sooner. I wouild have suggested looking for completed ones. I always save bits of embeds or things that people put up for use on webflow. That way it’s not re-inventing the wheel.