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Custom menu close help

Hey y’all, been a while since I’ve been in the designer, and struggling with a custom menu interaction. :confused:

I need the top nav menu to close on scroll and clicking outside of the menu. I thought I could accomplish that with the native interactions, but am I mistaken?

Firstly, I’m struggling to have it be hidden on loading, even though it’s set to display:none , it’s still open on preview load

I’ve got the first part down, clicking the hamburger menu opens and closes the menu.
top nav

I’ve tried using the Page scrolled trigger using the same show/hide sequence, and it doesn’t work.

I also tried targeting the page wrapper or something similar for clicking outside of the menu to close with no luck.

I have some custom scripts for loading modals, but i didn’t think there was a need for that in this case, am i wrong? :thinking:

project link

It very hard to understand your issue (To many details).

In general it is very hard to “close” webflow dropdown by any trigger (click, scroll, hover on element X (Even by code). Its buggy for some reason.

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