HELP ! Nav link to section problem (inside burger)


I need your help !! I have a nav link inside a burger that needs to ridirect to a section of the home page.

But I have this problem…

I made an interaction on the nav link (mouse click) to make the menu wrapper dispaly:none and that is good.

But the problem is that when i clikc on the burger again, the first time nothing appears ; because the main interaction of the burger says on second click close the menu.

Do you know how I can solve this problem ?

I haven t put the link cause I cannot make it live. I u really need it let me know.

Thank you in advance,


Here is my public share link: [LINK(Webflow - Okev's Stupendous Site)]
(how to access public share link)

Hi Stefano_Fresch, Please update your post and provide a read-only link to your Webflow project so we can take a look. Instructions are here. Thanks!

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thank you, i just did it