Navigation Bar Doesn't Close?

Please refer to this loom to explain the problem better:

And here’s the Read-link

Any help is really appreciated. I’m not sure what’s wrong :confused:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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What’s interesting is that I’m able to recreate and get it to work but I can’t get your existing interaction to work.
I tried applying the interactions to separate elements. I used the link block itself. (My sample only shows the hide/show portion to quickly test this.)
I’ve had similar instances where a button needs to perform multiple things and instead used a wrapper for the individual interactions, rather than doubling them up on one trigger element.

thanks, I’ve managed to solve it. I removed the navbar, used the navbar component from webflow (Since it already has the JS script the closes the nav when you click on a link) and then changed the animation to only animate the burger menu without affecting the nav menu.

thanks again for your work!!!

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I have the same problem but I can’t solve it.

Here is my link: Webflow - Omnis Design