Designer won’t open from dashboard

I’m waiting on support to get back to me but it’s a bit frustrating because I can’t log into any sites I have hosted here. I figured I’d post in the forum in the hope I may get a faster response.

I’ve logged out and back in, cleared cache, tried incognito mode, tried different browsers (Edge & Chrome), etc. but I cant log into designer from the dashboard. It stalls as per the attached on all my sites listed in the dashboard.

I found this post which seems similar but the solution (which is more of a work-around not a solution) is a bit ambiguous and I’m not sure how to implement it.


I am encountering the exact same issue, and have done exactly the same as you. Incognito, cache, browsers etc.

I presume it is a current issue account-wide with Webflow, but hopefully someone has a better answer!

Sorry I couldn’t be of any help.

Seems to be working for me now… can you login?

Yep seems to be working now. I presume was a minor glitch…

Hi I have the exact same issue… It happened just now. Waiting for the support to get back!!..Its really frustrating!!

I can feel your frustration. I had no access for more than 24 hours. I’m not sure I can help much as I don’t know why it started working again. The one suggestion support offered (that I couldn’t try because by the time I had heard back it was working again) was to try using another network.

Thanks for the tip Matt!:slight_smile: In case a problem like this happens again… I would definitely try that option!!:slight_smile:



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