Help me with this animation (Rotation on hover) problem!

I am trying to create a ‘Rotation on hover’ animation, but I am facing an issue here.

I have rotated this image and added the 'rotation on hover animation.

But in preview mode the animation is working but the rotation is missing.
What should I do?? Please help ASAp!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Shashank
Please share read only link so I can help you more


Also please share more details or what are you trying to do, what you did and what is not working


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Read-only-link :- Webflow - Besnik

Thanks for replying.
I have solved the animation problem, but now when I am trying to make it responsive the size of ‘visa card image’ and some other card images are not changing.

I am reducing the size of the image in Tablet view but it is also changing in the desktop view also.

I am new to webflow and I have made a lot of mistake while making this. Please help me.