Adding rotate interaction has affected responsiveness of link box

Hi all,

I have a link box which is no longer responding on 50% of it’s surface area since I added a rotation interaction (to give it a 3d look). Can anyone work out why? Thanks.

The interaction has been added to portfolio11_image-link (please see attached image)
The interaction is called ‘3d card hover effect’ and is a ‘Mouse move over element’ type.
You can see what the issue is by comparing the 1st card to the other 2 (of the 3)
If you hover over it you will notice it doesn’t respond on the top 50%.

If I remove the rotation style interaction it goes back to working as the others do.
…but I’d like it to also have the rotate so would be great to find a solution.

any help much appreciated

Here is a loom vid demonstrating the issue:

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - alexis creative)