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Read only previews not displaying animations

Hi there!

So I’m building a portfolio website right now and I’ve incorporated some hover interactions on the nav mens items, and on the project titles.

The nav menu items are initially not supposed to be underlined. Only when you hover over them should the lines underneath appear. Currently all the lines appear and don’t respond to any hovering. As well, when you hover over each project name, the image should change but it currently doesn’t.

These things work in the Designer preview but when I use the read only link, they don’t work.

I’ve tried multiple browsers and I get the same results. I also have found a few old forum posts about this but none of them had any answers to the issue, just a bunch of people saying they had experienced the same thing. If anyone has any knowledge on why this might be happening or how to fix this that would be amazing…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi, How did you solve this problem?