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Help me with changing the photo in an overlay block please

my site designer is away, and I am trying to edit a list of tour dates that has eleven rows.

Each block is a row. The photo is contained inside the block, and there is an overlay row inside the block with a color overlay in Column left and the photo showing thru in column 2

the text is in the color overlay column, and that is not the problem. The problem is that when I drag the photo I want there over, it goes underneath the row, and I cannot see the name of the photo, nor a way to replace the original photo.

Tour Blocks
Tour Overlay Block
Tour Overlay Row
Column Left
Column 2

I am trying to update the 2016 Tour. Please respond, and I will be ever grateful. I have watched several videos, and scoured the help files but cannot find the right information.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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You can be able to find all the element in the Navigator. The icon that looks like 3 horizontal lines. Tell me if this helps. :wink:

Yes, I have found that. I don’t know how to change the photo.

Is the element an image or a div with a background?

the element is a JPG image file 940x250 pixels, where the left side gets covered with a purple overlay, and the right side shows the right side of the picture.

I did not see a DIV anywhere.

Okay, well… Since you don’t know on the element containing the image.

For an image go to the settings and there should be a button saying replace image where you could change an image.

If that does not work:

If you have a div go into the background and press upload… Changing the image.

Hi @2cantech

The images you’re trying to replace are background images on the “tour block” elements.

AlexN, thank you. I have been trying to get there… I did see Typography at one point… And I did see background, and I thought that referred to the white background behind the tour dates, but now I see it. Thank You!!!

Thank you @AlexN for the illustrations. :blush::wink::+1:


And I see Div Block, which I never did find before. So, once I find that, I am good.

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