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Help me figure out why FORMS is not tracking submissions

I had a developer create a simple redirect script that sends users to a page based on a postal (zipcode) the script works great, but whenever the form is submitted, I do not get an email alert and the submission data is not stored in /forms.

Can anyone offer a fix to solve this?

script start:

(function() { (’#wf-form-HomePage’).submit(function() {
var url = ‘/bookref’;
var pc = ($(’#Postal-Code’).val() || ‘’).trim().toLowerCase();

// Duplicate more of these lines below to set more redirects

if(pc.includes(‘a’)) url = ‘/city/newfoundland-and-labrador’;
if(pc.includes(‘b’)) url = ‘/city/nova-scotia’;
if(pc.includes(‘b3’)) url = ‘/city/halifax’;

location.href = url;
return false;


script end
script start

$(‘a.Submit’).click(function (e) {
e.preventDefault(); // prevent default anchor behavior
var goTo = this.getAttribute(“href”); // store anchor href

     window.location = goTo;


script end.

That typically happens with you change the Forms Action field or e.preventDefault(); (as your link click does). I’d check there first. What you posted isn’t really enough to see that.

Yeh, I found the dev, so hope he can fix! wish me luck…

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Did they manage to fix it? If not, send a link and I can see if I can help :slight_smile:

I never heard back from him. So not sure what’s going on. Here’s the link. On my home page, the zipcode form is using a script ‘in page’ in the; Before tag

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