Form handler submissions affected by scroll-to link

Hey guys,

I’ve been testing form handlers on a set of pages. Currently using Pardot to collect the submissions.

All forms will submit instantly if a user manually scrolls down to it, but when a scroll-to button is clicked (auto-scrolling to the form itself) it appends /#form to the address URL, and then submissions stop working…

This is the page in question:

It MAY have something to do with the Referral URL not matching up, as Pardot will recieve the info and then push back a success or error message.

Feel free to test this as it’s not live yet, but please note in the comment box that you are testing.

Thanks guys.

It turns out that my developer was able to fix the issue with custom javascript:

This line:
var thisSrc = window.location.href;

Needed to be replaced with this line:
var thisSrc = window.location.href.replace(/(?:#.+?)?$/, '');

I’m not going to pretend I know what this is, but perhaps it helps other users with similar problems.


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