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Help me develop an idea and help educate me

Hey 'Flow Bros, lend your knowledge…

I’m planning to make a free CV builder much like but without the need for the site users to sign in.
So no back end database due to 3 reasons:

  • I'm a designer, not a dev.
  • It keep's the project inexpensive and a lot more simple.
  • It will be a 100% Webflow project — no external API's like Caspio Bridge, etc.
So, my question to the community is can Webflow POST from field inputs from one page to the next in the form of a "Data Page"? So If I had a required field saying 'First Name' and "John Doe" was entered into it, could I add some code to the form which would post that when they hit a "Create CV" to a non-editable field output or something like that on the next page. I presume this has something to do with using both POST and GET commands, but am not sure where to start with no coding knowledge.

Apologies if I have explained that pretty crappy, I only a have a basic understanding of coding, etc.

Cheers from the UK,

Hi, Mike
i think you can build your own backend database, you can see Demo at

it is better than caspio you don’t need pay monthly fee, build and stored in your web hosting.

Brill Sharon, thanks for the advice.

I am trying to make it a one-page, no back-end app but I will start looking into databases just in case I can’t achieve everything I want to without one.

Thanks again,