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Help, image gallery on design is good, once published 2 images are cut on side

Hi all, I created an image gallery for my landing page.
Images on grids ( No div) and then I set the class for all images with specific height and width (100%) and set max width 100%.
On the editor and editor preview it seems to work very well, but ones published on the desktop version, 2 images are cut on side. I tried from different devices and when the visualization on the device is 100% zoom, those 2 images are cut on the left side. Can someone help me with this bug, please?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kikicreative

and here a screenshot of the images cut on the left side :

and this is the published website link if it can help, maybe you can tell how the images appear on a different device 100% zoom.