Help | form fields with Lenis smooth scroll

Hi Everyone. How are you?

I have been looking for a straight answer to this for a couple of days and I can’t find it anywhere that explains it in plain terms. If you have the links to other forum questions that got resolved, please send it my way, but I couldn’t find it in here, before you ask if I already looked, yes I did. Hence why I am asking…

This spacebar issue is happening to me on my forms and I can’t seem to fix it.

Would anybody know why when my users are typing their info on my input field and they press the spacebar, the page scrolls down?

Extremely frustrating and I can’t seem to fix it.

Not sure you will need it but here’s my read-only: Webflow - Darren Voros

Thanks in advance!

== EDIT ==

I found out that my Smoothscroll is the cause of this behaviour. I am currently using Lenis as my base.

Do any of you know of any parameters for Lenis to stop this? I am looking at some YT videos and in their Github, but not sure I am finding the right answers.


The team at Lenis had done something by mistake and they already corrected after I pointed out the bug. Amazing team ofver there!!!

Hi, thanks for your post, without which i’m sure I would have spent a long time looking for the cause of this issue.

However i’m still getting the issue on all my sites that use Lenis, I can see on git they added a commit 7 hours ago regarding keyboard inputs, so that fixed the issue for you?

And you are using the script version from GitHub?

Any extra info would be great!

Hi @Zachary_Bishop you should see the new version in here:

Release v0.2.21 · studio-freight/lenis · GitHub

I am not sure they updated teh main Git but this is the link they sent me when they fixed it.

And it works for me.

You can check it out at