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Help distributing text

Hello! I finished my site’s layout in sketch, and I already know how to port most of the stuff over to Webflow, but I was wondering if anyone could help me get this text distribution? Any ideas?

I’m trying with flex, but haven’t achieved it yet…

Here’s the screenshot of what I’d like to achieve:

Can you post your share link?
Combination of flex or absolute positioning? With a div for each word group.

I think I achieved it basically, do you think it’ll display OK across browsers?

if you give me published site I can try on a few for you. I find sometimes safari has some issues. Also for the mobile you probably want to remove flex. Or change to verticle for the two large divs. You will also need to alter the text size.

I sure will in a while, just finishing up the rest of the landing page :slight_smile:

Thank you

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