HELP Deleted Site

Hi guys. I need some help with this. I had a site fully published. Unfortunately the person I had making edits for the website ended up deleting the site. Is there any way for webflow to restore it? Or am I screwed and have to start over?

hi @UFE_World you can use WF backups for restoring

Thats the thing. It has been deleted completely. Like the person who deleted entered the phrase to delete.

Well they can’t delete it with editor access, they must have had designer access?

You can contact Webflow support and hope for the best;

I’ve rebuilt sites entirely from Google’s cache, and from wayback. It’s an ugly process, but if you’re desperate, you might get lucky and have some parts of your content there.

If Webflow support cannot restore your site, and your need help trying to retrieve any cached remnants, PM me with the published domain name the site was under and I’ll have a look to see if there’s anything I can locate.

how should I pm you?

click on name or avatar will open dialog to send direct message.