Help! Website is completely Wiped?

Note: I’ve already spoken to a developer from Twitter that said my client and I are screwed but I’m looking for a second opinion


I run a CRO agency and recently just got involved with a client that just had his website re-done by a company utilizing Webflow instead of Shopify for the baseline contruction. Cool

They imported the Webflow design to be hosted on Shopify, backend on Shopify etc.

Now, because my agency will be doing the direct implementation of edits/changes… we need to be able to make the physical changes to the site to add sales elements, decrease buyer friction etc.

Currently only very minor changes (maybe 2 sections/elements max) can be edited from Shopify.

We reached out to the company that re-did their website to get the login/source website for the account that the site was created in. Shortly after, received a text saying that they logged into the old site and the dashboard was “completely wiped” because they “only did one month” (I assume this means they just built the site inside a free trial) and all they have saved is just PSD files of 4 pages (Home, About Us + 2 different landings for a squeeze page and a special product). None of the Product Pages, Category Pages, Cart, etc…

Is there anyway this is retrievable so we can perform edits? The PSD files are literally just photos so I find it difficult to believe that in anyway this issue can be solved without basically having to completely re-build a site from scratch on Webflow to clean up their mess…

Little lost here as usually my agency has clients that utilized the Shopify backend and we have gotten amazing results for them, but I don’t want the fact that the previous company left them out to dry to negatively effect the perception of my front-end developers and myself, purely because we are relatively new to Webflow as a whole.

Please let me know what my possible solutions are (if any), if I am just missing something simple, if the previous company is at fault, or if we basically have to find someone to build the site from scratch again.

If the WF developer did not transfer the built site to you or your client, you are at their mercy. If they deleted the project, then there is no real way for them to get it back. Nobody should be at the mercy of the developer if they have been paid, but here you are. Hope it was a small $ amount.

Personally, I would build the site from scratch using Tailwind CSS and not use Webflow at all. Just doesn’t make sense to me for Shopify builds.

Midnight talent is not something people should put faith in. Live and learn. Hope you sort it out.