Help: Can I combine external articles with my own articles in one CMS-powered News page?


I am building a website where some of the articles on the NEWS page come from external websites, while others are written using Webflow’s CMS.

If you click an article written by an outside source, it should link out to that article in a new tab.
If you click an article written internally by the team, it should open the CMS page for that article.

Is it possible to blend these two types of articles into one News page? Possibly using reference fields, or something like that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here is the process I would follow (example using an assumed “read post” button):

  1. Add toggle in the CMS to specify whether the article is external (“is article external?” no/yes)
  2. Add link field in the CMS for links to external articles
  3. Add two versions of the exact same “read post” button in the Designer (or your preferred way to get to the post)
  4. Link first button to CMS page for article, and in the settings panel set a condition that the toggle is off
  5. Link second button to external link, and in the settings set a condition that the toggle is on

This will display the correct button based on whether the article is internal or external.

Hope that helps!



Thank you for your clear instructions. I was able to implement a blended non-CMS & CMS news feed in one page based on your advice. I even took it a step further and used link blocks rather than buttons, so the entire preview is clickable.

Thank you!

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Hi Christopher,

Awesome! So glad I could help. :slight_smile: Take care!