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Hello Community

Hi there, my name is Francesco and I am from Italy.

I started recently to use webflow and I think it’s brilliant for a freelance designer/developer like me. I am working hard to learn this tool deeply so I can move away from WordPress and give my clients something fresh to work with. I am eager to start to contribute to this community as soon as possible.

Cheers everyone! :metal:


Hey @FrankFloydus

Welcome to the family! :webflow_heart:

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Hello @FrankFloydus!

Welcome to the community! Lots of great people and resources available. Let us know if your stuck on something. We will try to help.


Welcome @FrankFloydus :slight_smile:

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Welcome! :smiley: Glad you found us. Have you shown the Webflow CMS to your clients yet?

Yes and no. I will eventually show them something better once I learn the tool. Probably I will make a Demo Project to show them how easy will be for them to edit contents! I am really excited to learn Webflow as I have seen a lot of good projects, just like I already know the I will spend hours and hours on the interaction tab :sunglasses:.
Keep up the good work guys! Cheers :metal:

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