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Hello Important question after download zip codes

Hello I have upgraded my account to personal plane but when i download zip codes every thing was not look like the original design inside webflow site in zipped codes every thing was above other looks like something missing css file or something Please help me to fix that as fast as possible.
my work in webflow :
this is a simple of zipped files

Hi @Ibrahem_Al_Badareen it would seem Webflow is having some trouble! All our sites CSS and Images are missing?

Same for the official Webflow website I think the team are on it…


Thanks for your answer Aaron, Please tell me when every thing is fine :cry:

Hi @Ibrahem_Al_Badareen, could you check if you still have the issue with the styling of your exported files? The issue that @Aaron mentioned should be resolved, but I am not sure if it is the cause of the issue you were having.

Take a peek also at the help doc on exporting files, there is also a common problems section related to exports:


It have not solved yet im getting the same files, Im becoming crazy what should i do please help as fast as possible.

Hi @Ibrahem_Al_Badareen, thanks for the update. I am sorry to hear the issue persists.

First, could you share your read-only link to your site:

Second, could you share the url where you have the sites hosted after export, so I can check what looks different?


Thank you Cyberdrave, This is my shared site: It’s in read only mode please tell me if there’s any problem with it waiting for your answer.

Hi @Ibrahem_Al_Badareen, can you also share the url of the the exported site?

I cannot see the issue on the Webflow hosted site.


OK, This is the zipped exported files uploaded to hosting server.

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