Export problems

hello i have designed my website in webflow and this is what i wanted to look like

with that font and the hover over the picture
and this what it come out on the web

tha problem is in multiple pages. what am i doing wrong?

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

sorry this is is my webflow link


Sorry, what is the problem exactly? That the custom font is not displaying correctly in the designer interface?

@cyberdave please take a look - font is OK on published site but not designer, is font uploaded and loaded correctly?

Hello yes font is incorrect when it is published it is different and much bigger than it should ! Also the the hover picture doesn’t appear as it does when it is published in webflow
@cyberdave @samliew

any ideas anyone?? i seriously have a problem. i went into the font settings and erased two google fonts, not it seems that the font is correct but way too big. also i still have the issue with the hover image.

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