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Hello from Cold White Fire, in Utah

I thought since there is an introduction category that I should introduce myself.

My name is Christopher from Cold White Fire in Utah, USA.

We had been using WordPress for a long time and were losing money from not being able to code let alone trust someone else to update our site. Our WP site was a theme from Themefusion called Avada. It was great being that I could do a lot of the design by sliders and color pickers, but in the end I didn’t understand code, let alone how code looked visually to be able to use it effectively.

I have been watching some Webflow University videos and I am really starting to understand why, when, and where Div Blocks are used and their purpose. I really like Webflow as I want to become a better website designer and developer for our business. I like how Webflow has videos about everything that one can apply within the designer. I really like the professional look the designer can create through the designer behind the design.

With WP I never could really understand how to implement the right code or plugins to get the right results that would be the right piece to fit within the right hole. I’m tired of updating WP, theme’s, plugins, etc which are pretty time consuming, let alone if something breaks; which it has now on and I am not interested in trying to fix it. We were losing money in our business because of WP and theme’s that I had to constantly update, test, and fix.

I want to design, have fun with creating a visually strong design, that we can sell our products and services. I’m tired of getting lost in the maintenance portion of web design even for someone who cannot code.

I have taken some classes from Pluralsight in the past for HTML, CSS 2, Javascript, but I still feel after all those classes, that I still do not understand how to implement all the code. Some things I get and others I don’t.

I have high functioning autism, and am mostly a visual and auditory learner.

I am an designer, entrepreneur, and visual instructor.

I’m really looking forward to getting my feet wet with Webflow designer, but I have some concerns that I searched the forum for and wasn’t able to find anything regarding planning the process of building a site here in Webflow.

How does one start making a site, if they do not know how to make a site?

I would like to start planning and designing our site. I would like to know the best ways, to go about planning for a site, designing it, then launching it.

Does Webflow charge their customers to use the designer while in process of planning and designing? What about testing? Launch? How much does Webflow charge per process? (From what I gathered from the ( video about making a business website in the first part, the individual just made the site from scratch, but seemed to know what to do, where to go, and how to get things done in a quick manner. I never really saw any planning going into how he knew what he was doing before he did it, and how everything else like “what’s a class” and why one should use a class were important.

I don’t know if you have anything like this, but it would be cool if you had a planning and timeline process where I could gather content, pre-designs, planning information, and that a user could see their site before its designed and launched to publish. I noticed the video above does allow one to preview their site in a WYSIWYG style view as if it would be published online later.

My experience with planning a website, has been using a WordPress theme by Avada (Themefusion) which was a published live site. Then I would make individual changes and refresh the site while it was live.

I would like to have more planning, design, testing done before I got a head and publish the site for launch.

What processes does Webflow have for planning, design, testing, before publishing for launch? How much does it cost for each step.

I have autism and its been challenging to see the process and timeline of where I am in the process before or after launch.

We pretty much know what we want from our website, but how to go about it, I need to learn and watch videos on Webflow University to be able to complete the process.

I just know in the past, it has taken me a long time to change things, get the site the way I wanted it, while the site is live. If Webflow does charge a fee for a designer to use the Webflow designer in the planning and designing phase, how much is that going to cost me while I try to learn, plan, and design the site?

How much is it going to cost me to test the site, after its built?

How much does it cost to launch an Ecommerce site, with CMS, with hosting, and some of the integrations I have below? I have some integrations I want to incorporate into the website.

We would like to create an Ecommerce site with CMS and hosting.

Integration wise we want to integrate MailChimp, Gumroad, Memberful, (not sure if Memberful is going to compete with Gumroad or not), Google Search, Disqus, Google Analytics, ReCaptcha, (Zendesk free for a year possibility as a new startup), Intercom Acquire (if not this then Zendesk), Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook.

I’m in the planning stages now, but I’m not sure if I just start using the designer to plan, make a wireframe, and design the website, and if I will be charged to use the online software?

I want to use the money we have in our business to make this website so we can bring in more income.

The purpose of our site is to teach English and Art to foreigners via our sell, learn, collaborate pattern.

What would be the best way to go about it via Webflow, and if possible could you make it visual. Like as in, a timeline and how much each section costs?

I’m afraid I’m going to have to put forward a large sum of money to use, plan, design, and build the site, and not have enough to launch or publish the site. Then let alone trying to build clients that we could continue to build a perpetual income off of to pay for everything, let alone make revenue from.

How does Webflow go about this process, so I can go about my process, and have a cool, dynamic, and functional website that works well, and we make money!?

I mean in the end, we want to enjoy doing what we enjoy, and make a living at it.

Anyhow, I wasn’t able to find a lot of this planning information in the Search, so I thought I would introduce myself, and see what information I could get back and kill two birds with one stone.

Thanks for reading this post.

I hope we can continue to do great things here.


Cold White Fire Business Owner

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Hi and welcome to Webflow and the forums. I followed the website link and was redirected to a Swedish Casino site. I’m Swedish and probably someone from another country will end up somewhere else. I actually contacted them about this.

If you decided to continue with Webflow here’s what I would do immediately. Roughly build a page out with your logo some basic info about the company, contact info and maybe a message about what happened. Follow the instructions on how to direct your domain to the Webflow site. After this you can continue building your site up knowing that those who are visiting the domain are actually seeing your company.

Edit: Make sure you can access your WP site somehow.

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Hi Christopher,

Welcome to Webflow. It is an awesome platform and a great community.

Using Webflow is one of the most cost effective ways to get a website. You can build out your website under their free trial and then purchase a plan when you are ready.

I would also suggest taking a look at their templates. It can save you a ton of time getting started. They are also customizable.

Teresa - Webflow Designer

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I am able to access the site via FTP, but this is the only way. I cannot even get to the wp-admin tools via the browser.

How does one choose multiple options such as CMS, Ecommerce, etc together in the same search?

Can you contact your host for help?

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Sorry, I don’t think you can. But if you are looking for e-commerce - I would search for that first. Then when you click on the details for those templates, it will show if it includes cms right at the top, under the template name.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Teresa - Webflow Designer

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Is it possible to start with an education template and convert it into an e-commerce store?

I like this education theme:

I want to make it into an e-commerce store for our business. Is this possible, if yes, ok great! If no, why not?

There are no e-commerce education stores. I want to make an e-commerce educational tutorial site for our business from using this template:


You can take any template and add in Webflow e-commerce. So, yes you can take the education template, style it (if desired) and either add in Webflow ecommerce. Or you can possibly use it with a membership platform - as long as the membership software allows you to embed their code or link to them.

Teresa - Webflow Designer