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Having troubles with photos in CMS grids for portfolio

Hi! I’m having some troubles trying to design a portfolio website for my photography work. I’m getting some really strange behaviour in teh way the grid is layed out. I’ll get some full rows. then some rows only filled by 1 or two items, sometimes in random positions. I really can’t find any rhyme or reason to this, and iirc it worked well before I added more cms items, and even with the dummy items. Would someone please explain what’s going on here?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Ellie's Ultra-Awesome Project

And here’s the current published version, which inexplicably seems to look fine?

Again the only diference between these is the added cms items (and the unhidden tab for 120 film)

(btw I’m not gonan keep all those images, I just wanted a feel for how it is more fleshed out. Those definitely aint all portfolio pieces)