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Having Trouble Creating Collapsable Window

Hey Guys,

So I have this pricing section to my website that I would like to be hidden, but then when someone clicks the Pricing button, the section expands… A collapsable window I suppose.

I cannot seem to figure out how to do this, and all of the tutorials online and the forums show how to do it using the Interactions tab (lightning bold), but I do not see that on the inspector panel of my workspace in Webflow. Do I need to upgrade my account (currently have a Lite plan)? Thanks,


Here is my public share link:

@Quinn_Cosgrave, Quinn, I created a little screengrab for you. I am a bit over the place, but the point is made. Hope this helps.

Hi Brandon,

Thanks so much for this… I actually ran into a lot of the issues with my use of containers/columns already so that was revised by the time I saw this. But I greatly appreciate you showing me how to do interactions!

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