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Having multiple filters for a single Multireference?

I found a previous post from 2 years ago and was wondering if any progress was made? Ability to add multiple filters for same field in dynamic list

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Webflow, any update on this request? I’m running into the same limitation…

Hi @Kameron2332. Sorry this is off-topic.

I just had the same issue with FB white space and found your post. Since it’s closed I couldn’t reply to it, and didn’t know if you had solved it. If your issue is the same as the one I had, the embed code from FB comes with explicitly specified height and width, but they are the same (in my case, 476 px), which makes the dimensions square.

The player is wider than it is tall, so the bottom gets filled in with white space. I manually changed the height attribute in the embed code to 300 pixels and it seems to be fine. The white space is gone.