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Having issue with font awesome integration


As u can see from the below screenshot i am trying to using a an icon from font awesome and integrate it into a mobile nav menu.
I have created a div, then created a nested class name called fa, then a final third class name called fa-times, which is the cross icon.
I have used this successfully in another part of my site but for some reason when i publish my site and view it on my phone it does not appear.

Any suggestions?

Public Link above, please go to the Events page and then select the mobile-portrait view, then open the mobile nav menu.

ok managed to get my icon to appear.

seems like u cant call on the same font awesome icon element twice in a site.

is it possible to create an interaction where once u click on this icon the mobile nav menu dissapears??
i tried to create a setup to do this, with first click set to :none and for it to affect a different element, in my case the nav menu called mobile_nav_menu

Normally when u click anywhere on the screen the menu will retreat, whats the coding/interaction behind this??