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Disable open menu

I used the Navbar component in my website, and as a default, on mobile devices, the menu changes to the Hambuger icon, which open the Nav Menu.
The thing is, that i don’t want it to open anything, since on mobile devices I want to create a different interaction.

I can’t disable its functionality. I tried to press"Open Menu" under the Settings tab, select the Nav Menu and give it display setting: none, but it keeps showing up.

Is there a way to make the hamburger menu not working, but rather just being there?

Here is my public share link: LINK
Just go to the Tablet view and press the icon…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Orimanor

You can set Navmenu opacity to 0%, but you will be not able to keep it display:none, because generic Webflow navbar has its own interaction inside the widget code.


Hi @Orimanor, hopefully I understand what you are attempting to do here :slight_smile: If you want to hide the mobile icon menu on all views, this is possible from the Navbar settings:

If you want to keep the mobile icon, but do not want anything to happen when the menu is opened, one thing you can try is to set the z-index of the navmenu div (inside of the navbar) to a z-index of -1, which will cause the navmenu to open under other content (giving it the appearance that nothing happens when the button is clicked.

It might just be easier to hide the icon :slight_smile:

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Thanks @sabanna and @cyberdave:grinning:

So, @cyberdave, are you suggesting that i hide the icon entirely and build my own custom icon with interaction?

Hi @Orimanor, based on the description of the issue, yes, that sounds like a good way to approach this! When the menu icon is visible, it is not possible (yet) to “disable” the dropdown open menu action.

Thanks @cyberdave

I indeed try to build it myself, but i have some very weird problems (maybe a bug?):
I’ve built the icon by using 3 Div block with width of 20 px and height of 3 px, but it appears very strage (huge, for some reason):

However, when I preview the site, it looks just fine:

The strangest thing is that i built it yesterday, and it was just fine (more or less, there were minor issued as well) but today, i just opened the designer for the first time, that how it looked.

Here is the link

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