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Removing Categories on a standard blog template so I can change to a multi-reference

I used a standard blog template to jumpstart a site. But in this particular case, I need Categories to be a multi-reference instead of a standard reference. My intention was to remove the Category field from Blog Posts, and create a new Categories field that was a multi-reference, but I get an error saying that:

This field is currently used by either a Dynamic List on the site or inside a Collection page template. To delete this field, you'll need to remove any references to it first.

Which I fundamentally understand. But I’ve gone through all the pages and templates, un-linked the connection to Categories (which isn’t insignificant, and I believe I did correctly) but still the error persists. Am I missing something or is it impossible to remove a reference that deep?


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Can anyone help on this forum? There should be a list of potential connections to this field somewhere. The error could be a lot more descriptive and tell me where the errors are. What can I do? I’m totally blocked. My only other option is to abandon Webflow, which while it’s my favorite website builder interface, has much less functionality than many others.

Anyone?? Anyone?