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Have you seen this in the Designer yet?!

Hey Community, have you seen this little new feature that recently went live?


Awesome! Finally no more jumping to the settings! And you can actually see ALL your backups! Woo-hoo!

Cool feature, much better!!!

What would be even better is to enable editors to access the backups in their interface (with the designer being able to check a box if he allows the editors to have the option available — or only having the backups manually saved by the designer accessible to the editors).

Why would a collaborator need this access? Provide a use case?

Keep in mind that collaborators r meant for editing content only! (At the moment)

This is so great! Noticed it yesterday and wondered if I’d just missed it until now

Ahah, use case is very simple :slight_smile:
Since you can’t CMD+Z as an editor it happens that you erase some content… that you shouldn’t have! And you need to call your designer for him to re-activate previous version.

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Thanks Dorian i will let the team know.

Of course, the best would be to have the ability for the editor to cancel a modification from the list next to the publish button :slight_smile:

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TO be honest it is way better to allow editors to just ctrl+z whatever edits they did rather than full backups access. This is too dangerous a feature for common editor.

I totally agree of course :sweat_smile: .
It’s just better than nothing if ability to cmd+z is to complex to implement

Well, I for one would be very afraid of handing out backup access to all editors.

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Thanks for all of the info guys. I’ll make sure to let our collab team know of your thoughts!

Hey @WebDev_Brandon! Please, if you would let the collab team know that if this feature indeed makes it to the Editor, to give us the option to turn it off per project.


Snapper, for something like this it is best to add it to the Wishlist, but i will mention it to them too!

ooh, very handy! with a couple of emojis to make it past the character limit​:+1::+1:

Nice and like it.
Keep with the old one - more comfortable


The old backup feature in the dashboard will be there for the time being as well.

Not to be able to use standard CMD+Z in textediting is a real nuisance for the customers (Editors), they just cant grasp why this is not working and possible! (and nor do I to be honest). This seems to be a super basic feature. To ask them to edit their texts outside of Webflow and then paste it in, seems contradictory to the idea of Webflow, where the sale argument is that they can work directly wysiwyg on the page.

Hi @Ravnbo,

Sorry to hear this. Here what I would recommend for these instances.

Have you or your clients thought about using Google Docs to create your content, then copy past that info where you need it? That way if they need to go back you at least have previous versions of your content recorded.