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Have trigger show/hide div block in another column

Hello there

I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m trying to have a button press (the navy button) hide/show a div block in another column, but the div block is in a collection list item, so it’s affecting the div block on every item, rather than just the item in that button press is happening on.

I’d like the trigger to collapse the orange div block in just the one collection item:

I understand this can be fixed using siblings/children, but because the button is in a different column I’m struggling to devise a way to make the div block a sibling/child while in another column, and also to prevent the trigger affecting every div block on the page.

Can anyone make a suggestion?

I am afraid this is not possible this way whiteout some additional code.
I see that u use columns. Maybe a slider is a better idea?
Then only the box you tick will expand!