How can I set a div block, in a column on fullscreen?

Hello, is it possible, to set a div block in a column to fullscreen?
For any reason it´s not possible, when I activate the absolute styling button.

Why do not I position the div block outside the column? Because the column is also a trigger for the div block (which later is a popup window), and the Interaction settings of the trigger needs to be set to "only children with this class. Because there are other popups with the same class on the page.

Thank you for help.

My Read-Only Link

You can find the div on page Prints. The path is shown on the image.

Unless I misunderstood you. It seems like the full screen when I click on the image for a preview. Are you wanting the image to be fullscreen as well?

Hey, thanks for your response.
I think with images it´s easier to explain

This ist how it looks right now. The Popup window has the absolute size of the column.

But I want to have it fullscreen like this:

Greetings from Germany.

Does somebody has any idea? Please :blush:

Okay, solved.

I needed to move the position:absolute div above the raw, as a children of the Collection item. Then it works. But I actually don´t know why.

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