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Hide/Show On Click - Bugging

Hi guys,

this one is a REAL challenge. Hope someone can help me here.
I have attached screenshots showing the issues I am having (see images).

Now, on Image_1, the Divblock called “MOBILE_STRAIN” is visable and set to Flexbox. Then, I hide that divBlock, but want it to be visable when users click the button above it (Sugar & Spice). I have done similar hide/show “tricks” when using buttons (see the desktop version), but for some reason it’s not working and the result is Image_2.

Can ANYBODY tell me whats going on here?!

I hope the explanation made sense :confused:

Thanks a million in advance!

Here’s the link:

Here are the images

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You shouldn’t have it turn to flex box. I’d wrap your flex box element in a div and show/hide that div instead using display:block

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