Happy heart being loved by Source

Hi gentle kind people,

I know it is an unusual title, I just like to say the title, it feels nice.


I know little about HTML, CSS or any coding languages. I just like to design nice things. For example, Wix, you know, you just design, I guess.

Being in this state of not knowing HTML, CSS, and so on… do ya’ll believe I can design with Webflow, provided that I just watch those videos Webflow shares on “how-to” use its software? Like putting stuff in blocks, you know.

To me, it is just that simple: watch their videos, and have a nice time designing!

So the questions are:

  1. If I do not know coding stuff… can I make sites with Webflow?
  2. If I knew some coding stuff… how would it help? I am not sure how coding is needed because I thought Webflow provides a plethora of animations, repositioning abilities (like the drag bar to move stuff around) design abilities (like adding light blurs and changing colors by simply clicking on tools in the interface) and other abilities, that are not dependent on coding.

Is the answer “that stuff you can totally apply using the interface (without coding) … however coding can enhance and upgrade that which already is possible through webflows interface!”

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - dogwalkerextra.com