Handling exchange rate for client Webflow subscriptions for foreign designers

Hi everyone,

I received an email today from Webflow, as I’m sure many of you have too, announcing the phase-out of Webflow Client Billing. They provided a solution of using Bonsai to receive ongoing scheduled payments from our clients to cover the hosting costs which we will need to take on if we want to continue to have design control of our sites. Alternatively, we are recommended to use a payment provider of our choice.

While this is only a little bit of extra admin for designers from the USA, many of us may have to navigate foreign exchange rates. I myself am British and living in Canada. I have bank accounts in both territories. I’m not sure yet how I can receive USD from my clients and pay Webflow in USD without being subject to some kind of exchange rate cost.

With that in mind, I am wondering whether any other Webflow users are in a similar situation and have a plan to navigate this? I don’t add any margin onto my client billing and don’t want to be losing money every time I have to play at being an intermediary.

Please share any thoughts on this