Hamburger Menu has stopped working on certain pages. Help!

After completing almost the entire site, my right Navbar hamburger menu is no longer opening on the homepage or on the “explore” page. I honestly can’t for the life of me figure out why. I am on a deadline, send help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Basecamp Humboldt

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Hey @Stephanie_Bloss!

It’s a simple fix. In your “Show Menu” animation you need to set the Menu element display to block at the beginning of the animation. See the attached gif!

Webflow forum help

Also site looks :fire:.

Thanks! This is a little small so I am trying to follow along. Did you put in an additional action, or just swap things around? I am dying because someone on our team went in and messed with a bunch of stuff and now I am trying to undo whatever the hell they did. Thank you so much!

Hey no worries - sorry the gif is too small! I just added one more step to the “Show menu” animation. I added a display block to the Menu element. Here are the before and after pics, I circled the step in red that I added.



Let me know if it’s still confusing!

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Well I’ll be gosh danged, aren’t you a lifesaver?! Thank you so much!

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