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Interaction to hide and show a menu on click

Kindly click the burger menu icon to see how wonky the transition is performing. What am doing wrongly. Is this a bug or me?

Find preview below:

Hi @topelovely, here are some tips to get your interactions headed in the right direction.

  1. In the menu button’s First Click trigger, move the Display step above the Height step like so:

  1. Then, in your menu’s Hide on Load interaction, set the initial height to 0px so it looks like this:

That should do it! Let us know if that helps.


Thanks danro. That did it.

Please, if I want to hide my target “Hide on load” on user clicking, scrolling or engaging in other activities apart from selecting anything in the menu. How should I go about it?

Presently user have to click the burger menu to hide it, which is not intelligent enough. Thanks