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Hamburger Menu doesn't display

I’ve noticed that in my portrait mode on my tablet that the hamburger menu doesn’t show even though I set the z-index really high. The same for my mobile phone landscape view. The only time it displays is when I’m in portrait mode on my mobile phone.

Hi @angierosie, thanks for your post :slight_smile: Go to tablet view, and check the NavLeft container, and set it’s position to auto.

See if that helps to correct the issue :smile: Cheers, Dave

Hey Dave, I’ve tried all of that eariler. I had to recreate the recreated nav. Posting another forum about the new issue I’m having with having the sticky navigation on desktop and responsive.

Hi @angierosie, ok I see you have changed the menu design. Let us know if you need any more help with the Nav menu. Cheers, Dave

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