Hamburger Dropdown does not ajust in height

Hey Everyone,

I have this super weird behaviour and can’t wrap my mind around it… :melting_face:

On this site I have a Hamburger Menu on tablet and smartphone. the Nav Menu Div drops down as it should (hight auto). Then there are dropdowns within the menu. Opening will ajust the hight of the Nav Menu Div according.

BUT: It does on Tablet, but not on Smartphone. The Nav Menu Div does not grow according to the menu size.

ONLY: On the home page it does work!! But the Menu is a Symbol and the same on every page… So kind of crazy It works on home and not on any other page…

If anyone could help me solve that mystery, I would be soooo happy. I have spent hours without results… :face_with_monocle: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :exploding_head:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I would also pay someone to help me, if no one can just ad hoc. :slightly_smiling_face:
Please let me know, if you think you can…

I’m unable to replicate the issue. I’ve tried your menu on numerous pages and it expands the same on all pages (mobile views). Can you take a screengrab or video snippet showing an example?

Hi and thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Here is the menu as I would like it to be. (on the home page)
I can expand all submenus and the Nav Menu Div simply grows with the expansion.

On all other pages, when I expand the submenus, the Nav Menu Div does not grow with that expansion like shown in this photo here:

Thanks for your time!

It’s possible that “nav-wrap” needs to have height = Auto on mobile. You currently have 100% which will contain the menu to the height of the browser and prevent overflow. What’s strange is that I cannot see this in the Preview mode.

I notice that your homepage nav is a regular element, while all other instances of the nav are using a component. I’m not sure if this is intentional.

Also not sure if I’m missing something, but I don’t believe you need the interaction on the mobile menu button. I can’t figure out what that’s trying to do. It’s called “dropup all 4”.