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Mobile Hamburger not working

My mobile hamburger shows the drop down menu for only a millisecond and then disappears. When in designer / preview mode it does not reveal as shown in video tutorials. There is language switcher which my programmer (who has gone AWOL) set up which perhaps is interfering. Hope there is an easy solution. Thanks.

Hey @chrisbkk,

First of all, I would recommend changing your hamburger to activate on mobile so it does not cause issues in your navigation.


It’s currently:

As for your issue:
Your nav wrapper is set for 70px, and your navigation bar is set inside your wrapper. Because you have a solid px, what happens is it cannot expand so this makes your navigation very small… so small you cannot see it.

In this image, I changed your wrapper to 40% (you will not want to keep this for aesthetic reasons.

What you can do, is take your nav bar and put it in a div below the top wrapper. On click show, second click hide.

You can check out my current WIP if you want to see it in action

Hope this helps.

Thanks Dave. At least I know the issue now. I will see if I can get your solution or others to work.

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The strange thing is that the nav wrapper is set for 70px does not seem to be the issue — on live site on mobile iphone 7 the entire drop-down shows up (—you can see it beyond 70px) but collapses immediately.

Hi Dave, can you pass me some assistance here? Also having this issue but unsure how to fix: Webflow - Stephen's Portfolio