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Hamburger Drop-down Not Working

Hi guys,

I exported my project last night and after I got it hosted and working, I realized that the mobile drop-down hamburger button wasn’t clickable any more.

Post export, I added code to two pages: the home page (Google analytics verification meta tag.), and the contact page (FormSpree code to uncouple the form from my WebFlow account.)

I’ve tried re-uploading freshly exported code with no extra code added but it still didn’t work.

The page works before I export it, ( ), so I’m at a bit of a loss for how to fix this.

I’m not a developer and I need to get this site live by the end of the weekend. Help!

Thank you!


After much frustration and head scratching, I managed to figure out what was wrong. I created the .js folder in the wrong location. I was able to fix it by making sure the .js folder was inside the public_html folder. Hopefully, this post will be helpful to someone else too!