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Webflow Mobile Hamburger not working when code exported to a GoDaddy hosted site

I’ve exported code from Webflow project and uploaded to my clients GoDaddy Hosted site. Everything is fine except that the Hamburger Menu doesn’t work. Does anyone have a solution to this? From what I can see on the forum it’s something to do with the javascript. Any help appreciated.

Dont think anyone can help you here without sharing your site’s link

Oops, link below.

It seems the menu doesn’t even work in preview…

Give the Hamburger Toggle a high z-index and it works. I set 99 and it worked, but just make sure there aren’t any other conflicts with this.

Works fine in Preview here, also when published to Webflow io.
Just doesn’t work when code exported and the uploaded to GoDaddy Hosting?

Share a link so we can inspect the console in a browser.

Sorry not used to this, I thought this was the link?

I’m referring to the location that the website can be tested on/accessed with a browser, which would be on your GoDaddy server where you’re having a problem.

Website is live at:

(index):157 GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

You need to make sure your assets are uploaded to the host and available at the location where it is referenced in the HTML.

You probably want to fix the <title> on this page as well. Its value defaulted to your theme default.

Sorry to sound stupid Jeff but your way above me.
Attached are grabs of hosting file manager, everything uploaded and in place?

Just changed the scripts folder in GoDaddys Hosting File Manager to js, and now everything works fine on mobile devices.