Had enough for now I'm afraid

Like a lot of you here in the Forum, I signed up to Webflow because of Adobe Muse being discontinued.
I thought I would try and re-build my site (long overdue)using Webflow.
I have watch a lot of the videos and I have spent hours and hours going around in circles and wasting my time and got no further than an incomplete home page and slider.
You have all been very helpful with support for my first post here, and I will probably come back to Webflow when I have more time to spare.
Learning a completely (for me) new concept in web building on the basis of short, very quick videos, even though they are great, is simply not doing the trick.
Webflow is obviously built for professionals to allow them to work quickly. I don’t doubt it is very good for people with CMS and box-model knowledge.
When you have a good idea how to do it already, it comes much easier.
Very simple things like the placement of elements, working with large number of images - which I do - and a generally easier system are just not there for me.
So I am going to re-build in Muse and hopefully by the time I can no longer use it, I will have come back here and actually made progress.
Best of luck to you all!

Totally understandable @Barryt . There is no such thing as one perfect tool for everyone. Also, everyone learns things in different ways and at different speeds.

I wish you the very best of luck in your journey. If you do decide to come back to our community, we’ll do our best to help you build great things.

Have a great rest of your day and I hope we see you again. :wave:

Hi PixelGeek,

Many thanks for your kind wishes!

Unfortunately at 69 the grey cells aren’t as lively as they once were :slight_smile:




“There is no failure except in no longer trying.”
― Elbert Hubbard

Hey Barryt,
Maybe a fast intro course on front-end development (HTML + CSS) will give you the understanding about box-model and how basic coding works.
I had a great course in Codecademy called Building a Website. I was able to complete it in a weekend.
I also am a graphic designer with no coding background and I also tryed Muse, but for me Webflow did fit like a glove because, even though I have some basic knowledge in front-end coding, it still takes me a long time to code a website from scratch. And Webflow made it fast and a lot easier, yet keeping almost the same freedom as coding by hand.
Hope you come back and, if you need help, feel welcome to contact me.
Good luck!


Hi Walfrido,

Many thanks for the information and offer of help, much appreciated.

My website is a personal one - wildlife species reference - so it is not so crucial for me to learn CMS etc, but I will have another go when I get chance.



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Hi Sam_G,

Very true, thanks.


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