Hello I'm Patti — Where should I start with the tutorials & videos?

Hello and thank you for the add. After much grinding of teeth and hashing of brain cells, I have landed here after Adobe pulled the plug on Muse. I’m still mad. Why, because I spent months learning that program and now I have to do it again with Webflow. But after looking thru it and reading reviews it appears Webflow is probably alot better. And yes I know code, more or less but I just don’t have the TIME to code everything, but I do like that I have the option with Webflow. I do have ONE question… where should I start with the tutorials /videos? The 101 crash course really wasn’t very thorough and ran thru everything so fast, should I go thru the tuts instead, one by one ?

Well good news. You’ve been learning Muse and now this knowledge is useless. The same would have happened with Squarespace, Wix, Webbydo. Welcome to Webflow where you’re going to learn essential web concepts (HTML, CSS, Box model, script integration) at the same time you learn how to use Webflow. You’re going to be better at understanding those concepts and that, you’ll keep forever, it will also help you outside of Webflow and empower you to build beyond the limits.

If you’re not very familiar with HTML and CSS, you should really consider binge watching them. All of them, the intros, the tuts… They’re very entertaining as you’ve probably noticed, and essential informations about web concepts are distilled in them.

Also, Webflow’s blog is a great read. It’s about web design in general but often contains advices on how to build features in a Webflow site.

This forum is great to find answers, just use the search engine, most of the usual questions have been answered many times.

Sorry for your loss of Muse, I bet you won’t regret it.


I do know html, CSS and javascript (enough to get by) … I had been working in Dreamweaver/Expression Web for while but basically as a WYSIWYG editor with me fixing and editing the code as needed, yada yada… I needed to work faster and wanted the ease of making my sites responsive now , so I had decided on Muse (like a dam fool) Believe it or not, its not easy to use this ‘type’ of software when you have coded since the beginning of time itself. hahaha But time moves on and one person just can’t DO it all anymore. OK so I will start binge watching all of them. From the start… thank you.

I highly recommend the Ultimate Web Design Course!

This one too: https://university.webflow.com/lesson/full-build-business-website

Well then you’re going to enjoy WF even quicker :slight_smile: