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[GUIDE] Custom and self-hosted form processor for your Webflow forms [EN/DE]

Dear Webflow Family,

what takes a long time finally becomes good - at least that’s what I think. I’m back with a great guide for the community. :tada:

Since I shared my list of actions under the title “How to use Webflow in Germany” here in the forum in February 2018, I still receive questions about alternatives for the Webflow Form function.

After recommending the Tectite Form script as a “real” alternative quite often now, I realized that the topic might be a bit too complex to get familiar with it quickly.

So I have finally managed to create a more in-depth guide for you and I hope this brings you a significant benefit!

Here is the link to the clonable guide:

This post serves as a thread for questions, problems or comments. So feel free to contact me here and also get help from the community.

And now enjoy the guide! :love_you_gesture:

Best regards from Germany,

Dennis from Vibrand Design