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Grid Layout Issue

Hi there.
Here is official video of Webflow about grid layout and customising it.

You can see in here, to place a divblock into multiple columns, when he clicks on a specific div block, there is a little circle at the edge of divblock and he just shrink it very easily.
My issue is that I do not have these little circles when click on divblock and I can not create a layout of my grid as I want.
Please any help?

It’s probably because you have your div position set to manual, if you change it to auto you get those handles. However I’d still recommend you set your div sizes manually on the div itself but that’s just me.

I got it. But now have another issue.

Once I create a grid layout how I want, I cannot find a way to implement a collection list into it. If I add a collection list first, then I cannot manually set up grid layout.

You can see my example in here: