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Grid images overflow

Hey im having problems with containing images inside of the grid ive made. I want the grid to take up 90VH and 90VW. The images inside the grid resize to 90VW but they overflow the 90VH. I can’t hide the overflow as it crops the image and doesn’t keep the grid images looking proportional

which view is this problem occurring on?

The problem occurs on the 90VH

I meant is this issue on desktop, tablet, mobile because the image looks normal on desktop and for mobile all you would need to do is remove the 90vw/vh just set it to auto

ahh okay sorry, maybe these photos will illustrate what Im aiming for.

the first image is the website in desktop mode, the grid is larger than the 90VH that I intent it to be.

In the second image I have hidden overflow so you can see the size of the grid I want. Im trying to achieve proportional sections inside the grid

Change the fit to fil for the individual images

Hm ive set each image to fill and this is how it looks - The second image on the right flows over the 90VH grid setting and the image on the left is a few pixels off of the bottom of the grid height as well