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How to stop images overflowing in grid


I am very new to Webflow and web design in general, so please do go easy on me.

I have been struggling with what I’m sure is a problem with a obvious answer.

I am trying to make a static image gallery in grid. All seems well and good in the designer, but then when I go to preview it the bottom two images overflow as in the screenshot below.

This does not happen when I constrain the div block wrapper with pixels. I am trying to use viewport settings to constrain my div wrapper as I thought this would be better from a responsiveness POV. Is that flawed thinking?

I would be very grateful if anyone could explain why my images overflow / how I can stop that.

Thank you in advance!

And, yes, I have looked at the webflow university videos.

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Did you find an answer? This is driving me crazy right now!

Hi, not satisfactorily. I think however the following worked:

  1. Put it in a div wrapper
  2. Set that wrapper and everything downwards using pixels rather than percentages etc.

Let me know if that helps, if not I will try to reproduce what I got to :slight_smile: