Grid image and grid content

I have created a gird for image and a grid for content. Everything looking fine in design file. Whenever I publish site to client’s hosting grid items get broken. Image not appear and content displaced. In design file and at published site it is perfect.

Could anyone pls help?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Mehbubur, want to share the project link, the link and your published site link? We should be able to help you identify the problem with all 3.

Please help

In my desktop in mobile mode, I’m not able to reproduce any missing image issues.

My guess is your browser cache is out of date and you just need to refresh your browser.

However, you didn’t mention that you’re exporting the site, and that of course means that between, and your final hosting, you may have very different site structures and asset locations.

You’ll just need to debug that if your HTML isn’t locating the images properly.

On my browser it’s looking good.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I exported the code and placed it to Hostinger. In everything is ok. But in it has missing image and displaced content on other page.

I just downloaded the code in zip file then unzip it. And uploaded the image,js and css folder along with html file. Did I make anything mistake?

Several times I delete the file and uploaded again same issue.

Could you please check again?

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Thank you very very much for your detail shot. Let me fix the issue.