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Grid – how align images?

I’ve been watching a few Grid videos and it looks super powerful. However I’m stumped working out why my image isn’t filling the space available. Shouldn’t I be cropping my images beforehand (I do want them to be square though).

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Hi, @caspian use those images as background images to solve the problem.

I’ve removed the Image. In the div I add the image as a background image set to cover and not-tile but it does not show up. I must be missing something super obvious! (If I set the height/width won’t that mess up the Grid??)

Clicking around and I found the grid alignment settings. think I solved it.

Nope. I’ve just screwed it up. So I’m guessing I have to specify dimensions of the div, right?

…which works for all but the last div where the background image refuses to show. I’ve even tried setting it as a bg color to see ti but nope. Grrrrr. Is it just me?